protective older sister alert

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As you may have learned in the ABOUT AJ page, I have a younger sister named kensie. she is one of my best friends and i have had the joy of playing basketball with her for a long time. on and off the court i have always been very protective over her and i have always been there to stand up for her.

in one game this past season while we were both playing and she had gone up for a lay up and was pushed mid-air and fell down. she was screaming in excruciating pain and i immediately ran over to make sure she was okay. when she said she thought she had broken her ankle i was filled with rage at the girl who pushed her down. i actually teared up for a second before asking my team which girl had pushed my sister. they told me the girls number and i decided i wanted to guard her the rest of the game.

during a free throw me and this girl ended up standing next to each other… i walked over to her and said to her(more like yelled at her) “never touch my sister again.” and she responded “if i cant touch her, you cant touch me. i replied, now shamelessly, with “i wouldn’t want to.”

yes, i am ashamed to say that this is true. i was being prideful&all. after this game i was Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 6.45.05 PMsitting with my injured sister (who ended up just having a major ankle sprain) and the girl i had yelled&another player from the other team walked over. they proceeded to tell me that the girl i yelled at didn’t push my sister, it was the other girl.

needless to say i was utterly humiliated because i was trying to be an intimidating older sister, and i got mad at the wrong girl. the Lord has a sense of humor&a good way of teaching me that i am not “all that”… and I’m not very intimidating either.

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