plug in

2013_nissan_leaf_sl_brilliant_silver_in_arlington_texas_3970010459708676000so, as many people know, i drive a Nissan Leaf, her name is maple. like Maple leaf. i realize this is cheesy but i love it. she is one of those very small electric cars. every day when i come home from school or come home from a long day i pull into my garage throw my car in park, turn it off, hit a button that pops open a little hood on the front of my car, and i plug her in. now on a full charge i can go for around ninety miles. everyday i am in the habit of charging my car so i can be ready to go the next day and do everything that needs to be done.

our relationship with the Lord is very similar to my car situation. Jesus is the plug and we humans are the car. we cannot make it far at all without a full charge from Jesus. My car can only go 90 miles on a full charge and it is the same with life. we can only go through so much of life without being plugged into the word.  we need to be in a habit of plugging ourselves into the word. if we don’t get charged up with the word preparing our minds for the next day, we are setting ourselves up for breaking down. this is essentially the same as breaking down on the side of the road. then we will call for a tow tuck and he will assist us. the tow truck person alludes to the people in our life who are there for us in our rough times. the people who are there to pick us up when we are down.

when we aren’t in the habit of digging in the word, we are not able to reach our full potential. we cannot read the word every other day, once a week, or once a month. we need to be in a constant routine of meditating on the bible.

I have hidden your word in my heart
    that I might not sin against you.

psalm 119:11

this verse sets our standard. we need to not only be in the word, but also hiding the word in our heart. the way that we are going to combat the lies that the devil feeds us on a daily basis is to reply with scripture. we get this example from matthew 4:1-11 when Jesus was in the wilderness. satan appeared to him three times and each time he rebuked him using scripture. this example is so crucial because it is showing us how to respond when satan is tempting us. he is showing us the fool proof way of rebuking the lies that satan plants in our heads.

we need to plug ourselves into scripture and it is absolutely imperative that we hide scripture in our heart. hiding scripture in your heart doesn’t just mean that you have to memorize verses, though that is a major part of it. hiding scripture in your heart is really understanding the words that you are reciting and thinking about what they really mean to you. i would greatly urge you to memorize verses that you know will encourage you in your times of despair, weakness, or need. now let’s finish up with just remembering that we all need to be a just a little more like maple:)

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