dear mothers,


dear mothers everywhere,

i know a lady quite unlike anyone i have ever met before. she is kind, gentle, radiates Jesus, can be a bit sassy, and loves unconditionally. this amazing woman is named christy pierce and i have the absolute honor to have her as my mother. now, i have to brag. my mother has to be hands down the best. she makes me laugh even on the hardest days. she is the light on my darkest days and she is the glue that holds my family together. this unbelievably selfless woman has gone with me to more doctors appointments in the last eight months than i can begin to count. although we are no closer to getting me healthy than when we began, we have grown closer in our relationship. we have began to become more of best friends than anything. i cherish my sweet moments with her.

my mom is the most caring woman i have ever met. she is constantly thinking of others, nothing is ever about her. many days when i have to be picked up from school she is there in less than ten minutes (i dont know how much she is going over the speed limit but that is besides the point). she brings me home and helps me inside and takes care of me. you would think after eight months of not being much better that she would get tired of this, but she is there for me regardless of the circumstances.

I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
    my God, in whom I trust.” -psalm 91:2

in this way my mom resembles Christ. we cannot do anything on our own. we are essentially sick and are in desperate need of help in every aspect of our life. we need him to pick us up when we are sick and cannot get out of a situation by ourselves. Jesus is here for us regardless of the circumstances. like in the story of the prodigal son no matter how far we run or how much we mess up when we finally realize that the Lord is all we need than He will come running to you. He will not turn his back to you. He is anticipating the day that all his children come home.

moms, you are making a huge impact on your children. no you’re not perfect. actually probably far from it, but that’s the beautiful thing. you arent perfect and neither are your children. this teaches humility because we realize we all mess up sometimes and our messy lives can bring us closer together. thank you for your love and chicken noodle soup when your child is home sick. i hope you feel as loved today as you truly are.

happy mothers day!!

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