mountain tops and valley lows

today my family and I decided that it would be a blast to climb a mountain. we realized none of us could actually climb the mountain so we took a gondola 10,000 feet in the air to reach the peek of mt. titlis. we loaded on jackets and scarves, made our way to the top, and we finally got the view we were waiting for. I cannot put into words the beauty of this mountain, it was perfectly picturesque. the mountains flowed ruggedly and yet with ease. the snowcapped tops were harsh on the hands but beautiful on the eyes. the picture at the top of this page does not even begin to capture the intense beauty of this amazing mountain. I was in complete awe of the majesty that a landscape could hold. it genuinely took my breathe away.

while I was “on top of the world” I couldn’t help but think about life. I couldn’t help to think of the beautiful times in life where you get to sit back and take it all in. you get to adore the beauty and the majesty of the life you are leading. the mountain tops are the times in life when God can sometimes slip our minds. we begin to think that our life is going great and we begin to wonder if life is so great why we would need someone telling us what is best for us when we are feeling invincible.

I have stored up your word in my heart,
    that I might not sin against you. -psalm 119:11

it is easy to not pursue a relationship with the Lord when you feel like you are doing just fine on your own. the truth of the matter is when you are at the peek of your life you need to be continuing in the word. you need to make sure Jesus is your cornerstone, your rock, your foundation. remember who is making your time so beautiful. you would not be in that time of happiness if the Lord would not have granted it to you.

eventually you will begin to scale down the mountain. you will be careful at first then you will find yourself in a valley, staring up seeing the top of the mountain wondering how you got so low. many people see their valleys or trials as a negative. they believe that the hard things they are going through define them, when in all reality that is a lie. Jesus defines you. love defines you. unfailing grace defines you. beauty defines you. broken and yet made whole defines you. do not let Satan define you. your valleys may produce scars, but they are just scars. they are not wounds anymore. they have been healed by the holes in Jesus’ hands.


please enjoy some pictures from our time in engelburg!

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  1. Oh my goodness honey. What a gift your writings are truly amazing. Keep them coming. Love you so much. Trust you are well and enjoying every minute 😘😘😘

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