being a Christian is hard. it is hard in the beginning, middle, and end. I am not going to sugarcoat it. you have trials that test your faith and can make you feel like being a Christian is not worth the judgment and ridicule that you are taking head on. I believe one of the hardest parts about being a Christian is living the way Jesus Christ calls us to; specifically the way we love others.

in this world we are taught to hold grudges. to be eternally mad at someone unless THEY do something to make it better. we are taught that our enemies stay our enemies. we are taught to love our friends as long as we are getting something good out of that friendship. we are taught that if we are “good” people than we are better than others.  better than the people who are partying and the people who are no longer virgins before they get married. but the truth of the matter is that we are ALL sinners. we were all once DEAD in our sin. dead people cannot do anything to help themselves, nevertheless help others. one dead person, who has waited until marriage to have sex, has never been drunk, has never done drugs, is the valedictorian of their high school, but does not know Jesus is just as DEAD as the person who has had sex before marriage, who skips class 4 out of 5 days of school, who cusses like a sailor, and does not have a relationship with Jesus. without Jesus we are dead. We are unable to do anything. dead people can’t help themselves, but Jesus came so that we may be alive and live life to the full.

I know how easy it is to judge how people are living their lives if they’re not living for Jesus. we look at them in judgment and disappointment, but what if we changed our view a little bit. what if we, as Christians, realize that we were in their same shoes. we were dead, unable to do anything worth while. we may have been “good” people, but how good can a dead person get? when we realize we were just as bad off as they are before we accepted Jesus, our perspective has got to change.  we need to stop looking at them with judgement, and start looking at them with compassion. we know what it’s like to live without Jesus and what it is like to live with Jesus, so why don’t we try and help them see Jesus. show them a way that is eternal and will not disappoint them.

we were all dead. many people have found Jesus and are now alive through Jesus, but more people are still dead. still unable to do anything worth doing. if we are not living for the glory of God there is no real reason to live. I challenge you to choose sympathy. we were all dead at one point and someone chose sympathy to show you Jesus. they did not judge you because of your past, because Jesus paid for that sin. whether the sin was stealing a cookie from the cookie jar or adultery. Jesus paid for it all. we all sin and we all deserve the same freedom.



  1. Another great message honey,reminding us all, that we are nothing without Jesus Have a wonderful time with the fam Love and miss you guys. Cruise on!!!

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