You can do it

You CAN do it. no, not you. not you as a human. not you alone. but YOU, God can do it. You have the power to change the circumstances. You have the power to take away trials. You alone have the power.

we cannot do much here on earth except strive to know Him better. we can work to have the best grades, cutest relationship, or the championship-winning sports team, but all in all our outcome is the handiwork of God. when you are in a tough situation it makes you question what/why God is doing this, it may even make you question whether there is or isn’t a God. In my own life I’ve been struggling with this concept of completely surrendering and remaining in the steadfast love that is Jesus Christ.

many of you know I have been sick the last year. I have constant headaches and pass out when exercising. you can assume that this makes basketball very difficult. doctor after doctor cannot seem to find a reason why I cannot simply run up the stairs without my hands shaking and getting dizzy let alone play a basketball game. for the first few months of this I was angry at God. I asked Him why he is doing this and what good could ever come from this. then something clicked, being angry at God is not going to change my situation so why not live with a joy that could only come from Jesus. 

a joy that people would see and be curious because they know the pain and suffering you are enduring. a joy that makes people wonder why their life is seemingly perfect and yet they are still not truly happy. a joy that is described in Romans 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

-Romans 15:13

you may be stuck in the middle of a sticky situation, a sickness, a relationship, a recent death, but Jesus can and will overcome all of that if you let Him.  Jesus is waiting for you. He wants you to take a step toward Him and He will take a step toward you. Jesus is on the other side of your door, waiting patiently, but there is only a door knob on your side of the door. He can’t just walk into your life, you have to invite Him in.

in the beginning of my sickness journey I thought I was giving it to Jesus. I believed that He had it in His hands and by believing that I thought He would see my faithfulness and take the trial away and all would be well again. when we truly surrender to God we aren’t asking for the trial to be taken away, but for His will to be done and that His name would be glorified in the process. anyone can rejoice when you aren’t in a trial, but it takes the power of Jesus to rejoice in this midst of a trial. 

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