last week my mom and I traveled to Minnesota to visit the Mayo Clinic for my health issues. They were some of the most exhausting days, I had 12 appointments in three days. we finally got a diagnosis, autonomic dysfunction. those are two big weird words but your autonomic system controls things like heart rate and blood pressure.  this is what has been causing my symptoms like headaches and dizziness. we are ecstatic to finally just have a diagnosis and a plan of action.

one of the options my neurologist gave me was injections of a numbing medicine and steroid that was supposed to help significantly lower my pain. after hearing about the injections I said sign me up. he was trying to set up an appointment, but was having difficulty due to our busy dr schedule and only being in MN one more day. he realized he needed something in another room, so he stepped out to grab it. when he came back into the room he brought with him another man. this man was the only doctor in the hospital that does these injections. he happened to be in the hallway when my doctor left to grab something from the other room. at this point it was after hours, so what are the chances of the only doctor who can do the injections being in the same hallway as my neurologist? GOD IS THE COOLEST. the injection doctor began telling me about the injections and looked at me and said, “so, you want to do this now?” I was in shock. I thought I was going to do it the next day so I had time to mentally prepare for two needles being stuck into my forehead. I looked down at my necklace. a necklace that one of my friends had given to me before I left. brave. that’s what my necklace read. I looked back at the doctor and agreed. right then and there I got the injections. Jesus provided. He knew I was desperate to feel his presence in that time of utter confusion. He knew just what I needed.

I am ever so grateful for my experience to go to the mayo clinic. no, the journey to feel better/normal isnt going to be an easy journey. and it sure won’t be a short one, but knowing that there is nothing major wrong with me is a HUGE blessing. while I was there I was able to share Jesus in a way that I havent seen fully playout before. I was able to share Jesus by simply being. from showing that my diagnosis did not define me. showing that even in the most painful of days there is a reason to be joyful. every doctor I sat down with told me how encouraged they were to see someone going through something so hard and yet they are so joyful. I simply responded, “there is no point in being mad about a situation I can’t control. I mean, being mad isn’t going to make the situation better, so why not be happy?” I was able to be an example of true joy in the struggle and was able to tell a few of my doctors that my joy was straight from Jesus.

don’t feel like the only way you can share Jesus is just through words.  acting how Jesus calls us to act already makes you stand out. it makes people realize there is something different about you. actions speak louder than words. this world in full of people who are letting their circumstances take hold of their entire existence. We are called to find the joy in our trial (james 1:2) and to know that Jesus is shaping us into warriors for HIS name. don’t let cirumstances overcome your joy.


  1. Ashley,

    We miss you and your family here at LCA. We are praying for you and that God will continue to show up in a huge way in your life.

    Mr. Davis


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