He is our Father

in march I had one of my worst days. I was lying in bed in a dark room in excruciating pain, bawling. I had been sick for only six months at that point and I was feeling hopeless. I had absolutely no answers and it felt like I would never be healthy again. it was the worst of the worst, rock bottom. while I was desperate, my dad came into my room. he knelt on his knees and held me while I was sobbing. he kept repeating a few words, “it’s going to be okay. you’re going to be okay”.

my dad was able to keep me on solid ground. by the simple act of him being there for me, it showed that he cared. although he was strong in my eyes, I know that his heart was breaking. he saw his daughter completely broken and hopeless. he saw the pain dripping down her face in the form of tears. his heart was broken and his first instinct was to reassure me that it was going to be okay.

one of the most beautiful ideas is that God is our father. that march day I saw an example of God as a Father. God hates seeing us in pain. He hates seeing us in a seemingly hopeless place, but He sees the big picture. He sees how the pain and the rock bottom situations are going to lead to confidence and triumph. He comes to us at our lowest point and wraps his arms around us and says, “it’s going to be okay”. He says it in confidence. He knows the plans He has for us. He knew that you were going to be in the hard times but He knows it can produce perseverance.

when my dad came into my room I felt safe. there is just something about having your fathers arms around you while you are in despair that is incomparable. the same hands that hold the earth are holding you. many people have the idea that God is like a watch-maker. He created us, but has left us to fend for ourselves. that couldn’t be more opposite than the God that I know. God is personable.

He WANTS you to call upon Him,

He WANTS to help you,

He WANTS to hold you in your darkest times.

there is safety in the arms of your father.

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