valentines day

I personally love Valentine’s Day. I think the idea of a whole day dedicated to love is just spectacular. the hard thing about Valentine’s Day, is that it is normally directed toward a relationship you are in. more often, it’s a reminder of the relationship that you aren’t in.

Valentine’s is hard whether or not you are in a relationship, but there is something about being single on Valentine’s day. suddenly, you are more aware of your singleness. you are more aware of all of your friends around you who are in relationships. you are made aware because every picture you see on instagram is a sappy post about how great of a relationship someone is in. these are all traps. Satan tries to tell us that we are not good enough and that is why we are not in a relationship. let me emphasize something- your relationship status does not define you. 

so many times people feel like they are looked down upon because they are single, but I say more power to you. being single is a blessing. when you are single you have more time to dig into the word. you get to experience a raw, beautiful love. THE ONLY PERFECT LOVE. being in a relationship can build you up or tear you down, and I promise, being single is better than being in a detrimental relationship. singleness is a blessing.

please don’t look at this Valentine’s day as a waste because you didn’t go on the most adorable date in the world. look at it as a win because of the love that you have already received. you receive the most powerful love of all at no cost. You just have to be able to lay your life down. Take valentine’s day to celebrate the love that the Lord lavishes on us daily. Scream and shout and post about it. Jesus is offering every single one of us a beautiful, untainted love. He is offering us a relationship where we can never be let down. Jesus is offering us a honest love, it is up to us to take advantage of it.

happy valentines day.


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