to those who hurt and hunger

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”

Matthew 5:6

most commonly we hear the word “hunger” in the context of food. to be hungry you have to be deprived of something. if you are full to the brim you are not going to be hungry. hunger is a blessing. it means that you are desiring something greater. I pray we all realize the benefits of having a “healthy hunger”.

many of people eat the wrong kinds of foods. they believe that eating donuts all day is going to fill them up, but we know that a donut really only provides us with a temporary satisfaction. these are the people who are trying to fill the voids in their heart with things that wither away. things that are temporary; relationships, money, jobs, friends. these people think they are going to be satisfied, but they will never truly be satisfied at the rate they are going.

most people who turn to the temporary things are experiencing or have experienced hurt. the Lord wants us to turn our hurt into hunger. he sees that the things that we are filling ourselves with will not satisfy us. they will in turn damage us, most of the time from the inside out. He sees our brokenness and our time of need as an opportunity for us to realize how hungry we are, and how the foods we are eating are getting us nowhere. the Lord does not frown upon being hungry or being in starvation. He sees it as an opportunity to fill us with the only thing that will ever wholly satisfy us.

the Lord can use our hurt as a way for us to discover our hunger. once we discover our hunger it may fluctuate. when we are starved and in need of all the support we can get we will delve into scripture and take every word to heart. I pray that is the state that you will root yourself in. not the state of starvation, but the state of realization. realization that the Lord will provide and when He does, it will be a tidal wave crashing over you. it will cover you from head to toe. you will be swept away by the power and the beauty that is Jesus. 

let the Lord take your hurt and let Him create a hunger that will only be satisfied by himself.

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