being in the moment.

this is a concept that is hard to grasp for many, including myself. we are constantly looking forward to the coming weekend, the next date, the summer that is seemingly crawling toward us. we live in a time where we feel pressured to be constantly going and while we are on the go, we need to be planning your next adventure.

when we aren’t breathing in every second, every moment, and appreciating life, we are missing out on the beauty that surrounds you. FOMO (fear of missing out) is so real today, but we tend to forget is that we can be at the coolest place ever and be missing out because we are consumed with the future.

the best time is now.

we don’t have much time on this earth so I want to challenge us to a few things….

-put the phone down and appreciate what is around you, it will make you happier

-appreciate the small things, it’ll make every day lovelier

-hug your mamma, it’ll make you smile a little bigger

-be in the moment, it’ll make the sweet times sweeter

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