triumph: week one

what’s up guys!

a little over a week ago I posted a challenge on my Instagram page for y’all to step up and be vulnerable. I have been absolutely blown away by your stories and faith. I have no clue why I’m the one with a blog, y’all are AMAZING!

for those of y’all who don’t know exactly what’s happening, I’ve asked everyone to step out in faith and share some stories with me about how the Lord has overcome false labels in your life. I am taking the stories y’all write and giving them a platform here on my blog. if you want to participate, click here for the link! this is supposed to be a time of celebration for the works of the Lord and also a place for everyone to remember you are not alone in your struggles.

this week we will be focusing on the labels we put on ourselves based on our selfworth. so, enough from me. here are y’all’s amazing stories:

mia evelyn

False Label: I’m not enough + my struggles make me fake. 
Jesus Label: I’m not fake. I’m REAL- I’m real enough for Jesus to die for me. 
“I was adopted from the Ukraine 16 years ago- and since I could remember, I’ve always struggled with my identity, + felt like I was discarded + had to earn love. I tried to find love in all sorts of places: boys, body image, sports, popularity- everywhere except for Papa. (The Father) I was ashamed to tell people my story and actually hid an intimate part of myself from everyone for years. I didn’t share my middle name with anyone for over 14 years- it was embarrassing and reminded me of a life I wanted to forget. I had always felt like I was living a double life- hiding in the dark, and occasionally walking in the light. (Being “fake”) I wasn’t able to comprehend Truth until I was able to comprehend Grace.
When Grace hit me, it legit wrecked me. (*Insert chorus/bridge to Abba by Johnathan David/Melissa Helser) He showed me what the Father’s love looks like- and that I was real/enough to Him that His son would die for me. Since then, I introduce myself as Mia Evelyn- Abba’s adopted daughter. (Eph 1:5 “Long ago he decided to adopt us into His family…”) Right on- I’m far from perfect + I still have wounds- but by Grace I can lead from vulnerability and brokenness.”


false label: too much 
Jesus label: enough
“I believe as a high school student and especially a girl, it is hard everyday with accepting who you truly are and WHOSE you truly are. I think a lot of the time I tell myself that a boy will never like me because I’m too loud or too independent or have too strong of a personality. With friends the same applies. In these moments, I feel unworthy of any attention and unworthy of anyone to notice me. However, the Lord constantly reminds me that that is absolutely not the case.
He is faithful and mighty. His love for me is reckless and never ending. And He shows me by loving me so deeply and blessing me daily that I am perfectly ENOUGH. I don’t have to be any more or any less than myself. I am enough.”


false label: worthless
Jesus label: valuable
“Jesus has just really wrecked me and my views over the past few years. I was bullied a lot in middle and most of high school and really found my indentity in what people thought of me. So, of course when I wasn’t well liked by those around me I began to believe the lies that the enemy was speaking to me through them. Lies that say that i am unworthy of love because of what’s been done to me, or that say that if I don’t look or act a certain way I am meaningless.
Eventually, I developed an eating disorder and began to self harm, and on the night that I planned to take my life, Jesus intervened and placed people in my life who would remind me of who I am in Him. And now, daily He reminds me that I am not what has been done to me, that I am worthy of His love, that I have been fashioned into the woman I am for a specific purpose and I need to make sure that the thief no longer steals what God has given. I now replace the lies I hear with the Word of God and find my identity in what He says of me, because He’s the one who knows everything I’ve ever done and still calls me righteous and valuable.”


false label: insignificant
Jesus label: Beloved
“Moving from one state to another really changes your entire world. From your home to your friends to everything that’s your normal, it’s all taken away. Although there’s excitement with new places and people, it is easy to fall into this trap that in this new place, you mean so little, and have no significance. Life moves on with or without you and you being there seems to have no impact. There isn’t a group of friends that are there for you and there’s isn’t a place you can truly call home. As my faith has grown through this change and Passion City, I realize that although I might feel small and insignificant, everyone is so significant and precious in the eyes of the Creator.
And even better, the point of our lives is not to be significant, and we ARE small. Our purpose isn’t to be the most popular, most memorable, most fill in the blank. Our purpose is to love others and lead a life bringing other to Christ. And thank God almighty for that because we will never be enough if we rely on the false standards that this false label brings. I will never be enough, but that isn’t my purpose.”


false label: worthless & unimportant
Jesus label: valued & loved
“When i was in middle school that’s when i started to struggle with my self worth the most. Being the middle child in a big family, i often felt overlooked. I didn’t have many friends. I didn’t fit in with society’s view of beauty and therefore never felt good enough.
When i was 14 God spared me from a life-threatening situation. I could have easily been taken and most likely used for sex trafficking. After that i no longer just believed in God i relied on Him. The enemy got in my head a lot after that close kidnapping encounter and told me i was worthless, but God was SCREAMING otherwise.
It was a long process but I began to stop believing the enemies lies and truly listening to what God has to say about me. Now as a 17, almost 18 year old, i stand more confident that i ever thought I’d be capable of. Not because i look a certain way or have certain things, but because I am God’s valued treasure, i am chosen, and i am loved.
That’s all just making a long story short:)”


false label: unqualified
Jesus label: unique
“Every year, my high school sends a team on a global mission trip and I REALLY wanted to go. I was super excited to help the less fortunate and to grow in my faith, but unfortunately I was not chosen. Immediately I got angry. I was so upset at God for not choosing me and I began attacking all aspects of my life, basically blaming all of my faults for being the reason I was denied this opportunity and I really struggled with my faith and self-worth for a while because I had assumed I was good enough, but what was wrong with me?
This continued on for months and months (I was rejected in September) and it wasn’t until I got some great news in January that my view of the whole situation changed. My mom was pregnant. This was to be our 7th kid and I am the oldest. It was huge news for our family and immediately cast out any bad thoughts I was having. The real turn around came when my my mom told me the due date of my baby brother. June 17th. The mission trip started June 16th.
All of the sudden, everything made sense. I wasn’t meant to go on that retreat to help people, God had something different for me planned, something specific for me in my life. This experience has taught me so much and since this realization, I have learned to let go of my stress and let God have control of my life because I know that he will do a perfect job, since he makes no mistakes. I stumbled upon the bible verse Romans 8:28. “All things work together for the good of those who love Him.” This has become my new life motto and I turn to its words anytime I start stressing and having bad thoughts.”


false label: I am ugly
Jesus label: I am beautiful because Jesus made me
“I constantly read the Bible and prayed. There was a point when I had finally realized that I am who God made me so I will rejoice and be glad in it.(Psalm 118:24) I was also dealing with some family problems and well and loosing my best friend. It took a lot to forgive them for what they have done to me. Even now I still find myself having to forgive them over and over still.
Going through so much really lowered my self-esteem. When I thought the problems were over they were not, but God gave me the scripture 1 Corinthians 10:13 which talks about how God Will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you were able without a way of escape that you will be able to handle it. After Jesus had given me that scripture and I have been praying and I have begun to pay closer attention in Church, everything was falling in place and even now I still have problems, but I remember to bring them unto the Lord for he is always good!”

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