to: the dreamer

I’m not sure about you, but I am a hard-core dreamer. I see things and I dream them up bigger than life. I plan out every little aspect of my life. I will meet a friend who is working the register at Starbucks and wonder if she will be in my wedding one day because she laughed at my cheesy joke and that could have ignited a life-long friendship. A boy holds a door open for me at work and I think, “oh my gosh. this is it, he is totally into me and this is the beginning of our love story.” I completely fantasize every part of my life. It can get ridiculously dangerous. But, I don’t only think this way in my social life, but in my spiritual walk, I can also find myself doing this… a lot.

The Lord will place a desire in my heart and I will run full force ahead to see what He has for me. He will plant a seed of hope and a vision in my heart and the dreamer in me will immediately begin planning. I’m currently working on some very new and exciting things, but I keep catching myself getting caught up on the little things. On the name of that ministry or the place for that event. I am beginning to realize I am becoming more focused on my dream than my relationship with Jesus.

The Lord doesn’t give us those dreams so we can run solo with those dreams. He gives us those little seeds of hope so that we will run to Him with our dreams. our dreams are meant to draw us closer to Jesus. He wants to walk through them with us. He desires for us to run full force ahead inline with His strides. our dreams will build our relationship with Him. dreams require time (with Him) and trust (in Him). both of these things help build a stronger bond between you and God.

So, if you are a dreamer, like me, evaluate where you are running. are you running toward a goal or a person? when you run toward a goal without Jesus, the race is going to be longer and harder. it will be more strenuous on you and everyone around you. then, you will get to the end and feel little satisfaction because you have spent so long believing that your satisfaction will come from the completion of your dream. the goal isn’t completing the dream, which of course is important, but it’s the surrender of your heart. it’s the obedience to do as the Lord has called you to do.

when the Lord plants a dream in your heart, don’t ignore it. take that dream and hold it close to you, guard that little dude! but don’t forget where you are running. take that dream and run straight to Jesus. He will be the one who will be able to take that seed of a dream and turn it into a flourishing plant of reality.

remember: the goal isn’t completion, it’s obedience.

now, dreamer, go! do! see! take what dreams the Lord has placed in your heart and run toward Him in obedience. allow him to decide where you turn and when you stay straight.

your dreams are special. if you don’t pursue them in obedience, who will?

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