life is crazy.

life is crazy.

life moves very fast.

I’ve been learning both of these things recently. really, just learning to enjoy where I am because I’ll never be in this exact moment ever again. the only constant in my life is Jesus. he is always before me and with him I cannot be shaken (acts 2:25). I’m learning to treasure the mundane. to realize that there truly isn’t a boring part of life. every breath is a new gift from the Lord waiting to be unwrapped. whether that’s in an encouraging word, a loud jam session with your best friend or the shallow breathes between your falling tears. each breath means something. each breath is an opportunity. each breath is a gift. never shy away from the opportunity to encourage someone around you. be so secure in who you are in Jesus that you can encourage someone in who they are with truth. don’t abuse your gift of time, for you never know when it will run dry.

on top of treasuring the mundane, I’m learning to live fearlessly. driving with friends on road trips late at night. sharing Jesus with unsuspecting people. those moments, the ones where you feel like the world has stopped and all is in perfect harmony, are the ones you’ll remember forever. run on the path of life, that’s when these moments come. when you are on that path you are fully glad because you are in his presence and in the middle of his will (acts 2:28). don’t allow circumstances to steal your joy. instead, integrate joy into your circumstance.

enjoy the big moments, but don’t neglect the small ones too. for,

Life is crazy.

Life moves very fast.



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