about aj!


like I said on my home page, I am currently in a big transition period with my life in ministry and writing. I can’t wait to finally tell y’all what all I’m working on!

my heart is for writing and speaking. I am constantly thinking about new things to write or a new talk to give. spreading the truth and love of Jesus is my passion. it is the thing that excites me more than anything and will make me crazy if I’m not doing it. I have had the opportunity to speak at multiple events and even put on my own event called Bloom. I have never experienced more joy, belonging, or peace than in the process of this event. I didn’t experience these things because it was an easy process, but because Jesus was in every step throughout and He made it possible. He continues to confirm this calling of teaching on my life and every time it excites me more! here is a quick recap video of our Bloom event:

Bloom was a smashing success and it was absolutely not due to me or my team, but only because of the grace and faithfulness of Jesus Christ. I would love to speak or write for YOU! if you would like me to come to speak at your church, event, or even just your dinner (i like tacos) please let me know!

head over to my contact page to get more information!