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I am getting the unbelievable chance to go back to Uganda this summer! But I need your help to get me there! You can support this trip by purchasing a shirt or a sticker or donating directly to the trip!

The first time I stepped foot in Uganda was two summers ago. I remember stepping off the bus about midnight Uganda time and being completely in awe of the beauty of that place. You could see the silhouettes of hills being lit up by the most beautiful starry night I’ve ever seen. Uganda quickly stole my heart and I was not excited to come back to Georgia after just ten days in Uganda.
But, this is my opportunity to go home! I have been waiting for almost two years to go back now and I could pee myself thinking about being back there in just a few short months. But, that’s where I need YOUR help. The money raised by these shirts and stickers will provide me the opportunity to fund my trip back to Uganda. I love and believe in Uganda and I would love if you would too.

To purchase a sticker, email me at me/dm me/write me a letter and tell me how many you want! 1 for $3, 3 for $5, and 5 for $8. you can pay through cash, paypal, or venmo. it will be an extra $2 for shipping!

“Uganda Zaabu” is written on these shirts and stickers. When I was designing these things, I wanted to have something meaningful on them. So, I texted one of my Ugandan friends asking him what He would love to see on a shirt supporting Uganda. He told me “Uganda Zaabu”. This means “Uganda is gold” in Lugandan, their native language. He told me, “If Ugandans see you wearing this, they will be proud.” So, really it was an easy decision for me to decide what to put on these designs. Uganda IS gold to me. It is precious, rare, and valuable. 

if you have any questions, please email me at,!